Sovereign International Inc. is committed to providing a healthy and safe work place where the environment is thoughtfully protected. All personnel shall put this requirement at the top of their list of priorities when carrying out any work of any type for Sovereign International Inc.

Sovereign International Inc. believes that all work related injuries, diseases, environmental damage and property losses are preventable, and that safety is good business. We simply cannot prosper as a company or as individuals if we do not regard the prevention of injury or ill health to all persons and the protection of the environment as the highest priority. Anyone who does not prescribe to this priority is not welcome in our workplace.

Sovereign International's objectives for the fulfillment of this policy are:

To be an industry leader in occupational health, safety and environmental protection.

To ensure that safe work practices are developed that minimize risk. We provide facilities and equipment that are designed to minimize hazards.

To ensure that no work starts without confirmation that health, safety and environmental protection systems are in place and that if any person including the public or the environment becomes endangered, operations are to be suspended.

To audit and continually improve occupational health, safety and environmental standards and procedures.

To promote a proactive approach to health, safety and environmental protection and encourage all personnel to participate actively in the development of programs.

To provide appropriate levels of health care and rehabilitation for all personnel.

To ensure that all contractors and third parties clearly understand and adhere to this policy, and where necessary, assist them to comply with requirements of this policy.

The Management team, Safety committee and all employees and contractors are responsible for developing and implementing this policy, through the application of the health, safety and environmental protection plans and procedures.